News Anchor Wonders How Much Time She Has Left As Cancer Screening Keeps Getting Moved

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After experiencing some health concerns including extreme fatigue, stomach cramps, bloody stool, and severe lower back pain, Lindy Thackston Fox 59 news anchor, was beginning to feel concerned. Upon seeing a physician, Lindy's doctors encouraged her to get a colonoscopy to check if there was something wrong. But after scheduling her screening, the Coronavirus Pandemic threw a wrench in her plans.

During a family vacation in February 2020, Lindy's husband expressed concern to her. He noticed how she always seemed far more tired than he felt was normal.

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Because Lindy is a morning news anchor for FOX 59, she dismissed the fatigue as a side effect of waking up at 2:30am each morning. But then, other symptoms kicked in. Lindy started to fear that maybe there could be something more serious going on.

A Startling Diagnosis

After visiting her doctor's office, the doctor found signs of inflammation that raised some red flags. The doctor recommended Lindy seek a colonoscopy. After registering for a screening, however, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and Lindy's screening was postponed.

As the hospitals filled up, and the pandemic seemed to worsen, Lindy's screening continued to get postponed, for a total of three times. Finally, in May of 2020, news anchor Lindy Thackston was able to get the procedure, where they determined she had stage 3 colorectal cancer.

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Now Lindy not only had to worry about her job, her 4-year-old son, and the global pandemic, but was now learning she had a cancerous tumor in her body and had to undergo chemotherapy.

“It’s just a weight on your shoulders that you can’t even put into words. It was so hard to look at my son because I was just wondering how much time I had with him,” Lindy told reporters.

FOX 59 News Anchor Lindy Thackston Battles Colon Cancer

From that point, Lindy had to undergo 15 rounds of radiation, an emergency surgery, multiple complications, and lost three weeks of memory from her life. By August, the already small Lindy had lost 40 lbs. She began chemotherapy and had to go under the knife to have the tumor removed, along with 8.2 inches from her colon and 41 lymph nodes.

The struggle didn't stop there. Lindy Thackston of FOX 59 described the experience as a "full-time job" and fought through similar complications for a whole year.

Coming out the other side as a survivor wasn't the end either. Lindy described trying to return to normal life as incredibly difficult. She suffered with survivor's guilt. Now Lindy is grateful for her recovery and recommends anyone with similar concerns get screened sooner rather than later.

Lindy recently returned to her spot on the morning news desk, and released a statement on Instagram to those who supported her in her battle: “Thank you all for helping me get through the last year and for still helping as I try to transition back to life.”

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