Melvin The Pit Bull Waited 667 Days For Adoption But He’s Headed To A Loving Home At Last

pit bull for adoption melvin finds home

When a pit bull for adoption was available for a long time, the staff celebrated when he found his fur-ever home! The team at “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles finally heard the words they longed to hear after nearly two years, "Melvin has left the building!"

Melvin the pit bull waited 667 days for adoption, but he's finally headed to a loving home at last thanks to Patricia Nevi-Maguire.

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To Melvin's delight, he learned he has siblings, Tibbs and Luna, who are pit bulls, too. But his new home didn't come without tragedy.

One of Patrica's beloved pups passed away. After she took some time to grieve the loss of that special furry family member, she knew she still had love to give. So she began looking at shelters but not just for any kind of breed. She was looking for a pit bull.

Pit Bull For Adoption Finds The Perfect Home

Patricia is passionate about pit bulls. She says they get a bad rap and she's worked hard to change that. This loving and loyal breed has a bad reputation for being aggressive and violent but they aren't.

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Because they tend to have more energy and higher intelligence, these dogs need more human attention and interaction. Sara Taylor, the director of the shelter said Melvin "didn't really need behavioral modification... He just needed some basic training."

So when Patricia began the adoption process for a new pit bull, she learned about Melvin's plight.

After she learned he had been there for nearly two years after seemingly getting lost on the streets, her heart broke for the poor guy. She adopted him sight unseen!

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Not only does Melvin have a new family and a forever home, he has a new name too. Patricia renamed him ‘Loki.' I think it fits his mischievous grin! Congrats on finding your forever home, Loki!

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