Mom Dies Moments After Giving Birth To Twins But New Dad Trusts In God’s Plan

mom dies after giving birth to twins

A young mom dies after giving birth to twins and doctors are saying it is because of COVID-19. Yet, her husband is inspiring so many with his unwavering faith by trusting God’s plan, even in the face of such a horrible tragedy.

Diego Rodrigues says his wife, Larissa Blanco, couldn’t wait to become a mom. And at just 24 years old, no one would have expected her labor to turn fatal.

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However, Larissa only lived long enough to bring two beautiful blessings into this world before leaving it herself.

Mom Dies After Giving Birth To Twins

Diego says Larissa always dreamed of becoming a mom. So she must have been over the moon about having twins.

Sadly, her pregnancy fell during the coronavirus pandemic. The couple lives in Brazil, where cases of the virus and related deaths soared. And just a few weeks before her delivery, Larissa Blanco contracted COVID-19.

While in the hospital, Larissa went into labor. And at first, everything seemed just fine.

"I was in the surgery room and they were taking the first baby out,” Diego recalled. “She saw that wonderful little face and I was really emotional, that was her dream."

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Next, there was a small complication but then the second baby arrived safely. Diego left the room to follow the newborns, thinking his wife was okay. He certainly never expected the young mom to die after giving birth to her twins.

But just moments after he left the room, things took a turn for the worst.

Larissa Blanco suffered a hemorrhage and doctors rushed to tell Diego she’d need a blood transfusion because she “wasn't managing to pull through.” But then Larissa went into cardiac arrest and the new mom died after giving birth to twins.

Finding Faith Even In The Darkest Times

The news undoubtedly blindsided Diego Rodrigues. One second his wife is delivering the children for whom she’d always dreamed and the next she is gone.

"The doctor said that because of COVID her body could not take it," Diego explained.

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No one expects such a young mom to die after giving birth to twins. So, the difficult loss was surely a huge shock to Diego. But this brave dad is leaning heavily on his faith to see him through.

"I am distraught,” he says. “I can't get her out of my head but I know God has a plan for our lives.”

The loss must be utterly heart-wrenching for Diego. But he realizes God used her to give him a beautiful gift before calling Larissa home to Heaven.

"God let her leave two little angels for me to look after, to give me strength,” Diego Rodrigues says. “I cried so much when I first saw them, it was the most beautiful thing."

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Larissa’s light will surely live on in her twins, Guilherme and Gustavo. And while we’ll never understand why things like this happen, we know God will always make good on his promise to somehow work all things, even the tragedies, together for good.

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Featured Image: Facebook/Larissa Blanco