As Most Fled From Northwest Territories, 1 Man Drove Straight Into It To Save Lives

man helps rescue dogs during wildfires

When most people were running away, evacuating a Canadian town in the Northwest Territories due to wildfires, one man went the other direction on a mission to rescue the animals left behind, forced to fend for themselves.

Life is fragile and precious, truly a gift from God. As such, it must be honored and protected. The will to survive and maintain life is ingrained in nearly every living thing. That's why in dangerous, life-threatening situations, people will do what they must in order to survive. Instinct will take over in such instances.

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But what about those members of God's creation that need help in dangerous situations?

When residents in one Canadian town, Bechokò, were ordered to evacuate and subsequently started fleeing due to the wildfires, one man went in the other direction, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The outlet reports that Jason Card, his teenage son and 80-year-old stepfather headed to Bechokò. They were going in to save the animals who had been left behind.

After securing several kennels, they headed out for their mission. Once Jason and his crew filled his truck with animals, they delivered them to safety in another town in the Northwest Territories.

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But Jason was not satisfied with helping just one truckload of abandoned animals. Jason, his son and his stepfather all turned right around and went back into Bechokò, according to Good News Network.

The CBC reports that Jason believes he rescued "30-some" dogs. A few cats were also brought to safety.

Jason Brought Dozens of Dogs and Cats To Safety

Jason's efforts also inspired others to get involved. Dr. Michelle Toma, according to the CBC, who works with Vets Without Borders Canada, offered her assistance. The outlet reports that the doctor has been helping to gather food and find places for those abandoned pets to live.

“Nobody else was stepping up to help out with the evacuation of pets, she said. "He did and it’s amazing. And since then, he’s really inspired other people to do so as well.”

In an interview with the CBC, Jason mentioned why helping those animals left behind following the evacuation order was so important.

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“I own four dogs. They’re very important to me. And yeah, sometimes they’re kind of forgotten in all this. And I didn’t want them to be forgotten,” Jason said.

"An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."Proverbs 12:10

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