Paralyzed Man In Wheelchair Is Trapped When Car Bursts Into Flames, Then An Angel Appears

paralyzed man in wheelchair

A paralyzed man in a wheelchair found himself in trouble when his car suddenly burst into flames. However, “by the grace of God,” a complete stranger put her life at risk to pull him out of the burning vehicle!

Life is a series of unexpected, unforeseen events. Some of those occurrences are welcome and joyous occasions. However, sometimes they do not produce any joy. In fact, they can be downright devastating and tragic.

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But during these trials and hardships, the love and kindness of others can make a world of difference. It can even save a life, as was the case for a paralyzed man in a wheelchair from Dallas, Texas.

Paralyzed Man Saved ‘By The Grace Of God’

Dennis Brown, who is confined to a wheelchair, was in a rental car when the vehicle burst into flames, according to a video posted on YouTube. The video of the scary incident shows the flames extending several feet from the front of the car, sending smoke high into the sky above.

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Dennis mentioned that he had rented that vehicle several times before and stated that the car felt as if it was about to give out. When he looked up, he spotted the flames shooting from the car's front end.

A woman pulled the paralyzed man in a wheelchair out of the burning car, moving him to safety. Dennis said that he would like to have the opportunity to show his gratitude to his rescuer, calling her move a "heroic act."

But Dennis is not the only person grateful for saving his life. Dennis' mother, Julia Brown, will be forever indebted to the mystery woman for what she did for her son.

"I cannot thank her enough," Julia said. "Because if she hadn't had pulled him out of there, he would have burned. She was his angel by the grace of God."

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That mother and son will be forever grateful for the heroic deed of that unnamed woman.

John 15:13 "Greater love has no man than this, that a man gives up his life for his friends."

WATCH: Angel Pulls Paralyzed Man In Wheelchair Out From Burning Car

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