4 Armed Men Walk Into Church So Pastor Starts Praying For Them

pastor stops gunmen

A pastor stops gunmen who entered the church by praying for them. And he says the peaceful resolution shows “God is the greatest power.”

The world is often a violent and dangerous place. Stories about horrendous and devastating acts of violence litter websites and television screens. But one quick-thinking pastor used the power of prayer and God to keep a tense situation from turning into something much worse.

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Four men wearing masks and carrying guns entered a church in Ferguson, Missouri during Sunday morning service, according to a clip posted on YouTube.

Pastor Stops Gunmen

The pastor of the church, Marquaello Futrell, also a former member of law enforcement, noticed something was off about the four men immediately. He quickly spotted their weapons, remained calm but still took decisive action.

Pastor Futrell, not wanting to cause alarm, told his staff to lock the church's doors and call officers. Then the pastor stops the gunmen by approaching the four of them during the service, asking them why they attended that morning's service.

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Next, the pastor asked all four of the men if it was OK to pray for them. All four of them agreed and then members of the congregation can be seen gathered around them, praying for the four young men.

God Is The Greatest Power

The pastor, with his instincts, prayer and God, stopped the four men from inflicting violence upon those in the church. In an interview on Fox News, Pastor Futrell said the four men were wanted for two convenience store robberies that took place just hours before the church service.

Despite his efforts, the pastor gave God the glory for keeping him and the members of his congregation safe.

"We believe God is the greatest power," he said. "And we cannot be defeated."

What a powerful clip that shows the power of prayer, God and a pastor who was quick on his feet! God has his hand of protection over the people in that church.

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1 John 5:14 "And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us."

WATCH: Pastor Stops Gunmen With Prayer

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