After 40 Years, He Figured His Purple Heart Medals Were Gone Forever, But Then A Miracle Happened

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Gus Albritton lost his Purple Heart medal of honor almost 40 years ago. He collected mementos from his time in Vietnam with the Army in a large jug. Unfortunately, a robber broke into his home in the early ‘80s and stole the jug along with other valuables. But everything in that container was priceless to Gus.

Earning A Purple Heart Medal Of Honor

The Army drafted Gus so the day after he graduated from high school in ‘68, he left for training within 48 hours. While deployed in Vietnam, he got a bunch of injuries in 3 different attacks.

To receive a Purple Heart, a U.S. service member gets wounded or killed in combat by the enemy. One soldier can get the award as many times as they've gotten an injury. It's just one of the ways our country attempts to thank these heroes who risk their lives for our safety.

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Gus later received 3 Purple Heart medals from his time protecting our country. He said, "First time [was] in the right shoulder with an AK47. The second time, I was wounded through my feet, my legs, my feet, groin. An RPG went through the bunker. I got fragments in my back and one piece came all the way through me out my chest."

But don't think he would ever take any of it back. He said, "I’m still walking. The good lord’s been good to me." God bless this man for his bravery.

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Along with his medals, he stored coins, pocket knives, and other knick-knacks from his time overseas. The burglar probably saw the foreign coins and thought they had significant value. Except even with the coins - priceless. All he had left were his memories.

Stranger Returns Stolen Medal After 40 Years

Luckily, Jamie Bath came across a Purple Heart at a yard sale with Gus' name engraved on the back and decided to buy it. Knowing how important these awards are to the recipients, he decided to search for the owner.

After connecting with Gus through a news station, he mailed the medal back to the Army hero. Gus agreed that the reunion was nothing short of a miracle.

“I got my Purple Heart back after 38 years,” he said. “You have to shed blood for your country to receive a Purple Heart and I’ve shed my share of blood for my country.”

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Thank you, Gus for your service. Your bravery and sacrifices don't go unnoticed - with or without your Purple Heart medals.

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But and if you suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are you: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled; 1 Peter 3:14

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