Snake Grab Made By Fearless Bridesmaid Using Steve Irwin’s Technique

snake grab

A snake grab was made by a fearless bridesmaid using Steve Irwin’s methods to remove snake from wedding.

Animals are unique and fascinating beings. Each is made special by the same God who put the sun, moon and stars in place. Since they are part of His creation, those creatures should be given a proper and adequate amount of respect and care.

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However, while each member of the animal kingdom deserves respect, care and concern, those can be delivered from a safe distance. Bears, tigers and lions are ferocious beings that should only be viewed from several hundred yards away. Anyone who approaches those animals would be putting their lives in extreme danger.

Snake Grab Made By Fearless Bridesmaid

Another creature that most people would prefer to look at from several feet and behind a reinforced barrier is a snake. However, a short and shocking clip posted on YouTube shows a young woman, a bridesmaid, who has no fear of snakes.

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She shows no hesitation when she grabs the critter and proceeds to remove the uninvited guest from a wedding. As she holds the reptile by the tail, it twists and turns in her direction. Despite the snake's efforts, the woman, holding the snake by its tail, calmly walks it away from the ceremony.

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In the clip, Erika Rodriguez admits that she used a technique to grab and hold the snake she learned from the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.

"Yep," Erika said. "I just grew up watching Steve Irwin – my role model.

Erika is a brave young woman, and her sister is likely never to forget her brave, fearless move. Erika's sister was getting married that day.

Regardless of what Erika may have gotten her sister for her big day, it will be hard to top confidently grabbing and then swiftly removing a five-foot-long snake from the wedding festivities.

Proverbs 12:10 "An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."

WATCH: Fearless Bridesmaid Uses Steve Irwin’s Technique To Remove Snake From Wedding

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