Lifeless 2-Year-Old Swimmer Is Pulled From Pool, Then Quick-Thinking Teen Jumps Into Action

swimmer pulled from pool

One 2-year-old swimmer is pulled from a pool by a teenager after he fell in. Thanks to her quick actions, the little boy's life was saved!

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19-year-old Savennah Mendes-Rodrigues recently heard people screaming for help outside when she was studying at her house.

“I come out to the kitchen, and there’s a little kid on the floor, and they were like, ‘he fell in the pool’,” she recalled.

Savennah, who is certified in CPR, quickly jumped into action to help the 2-year-old boy.

2-Year-Old Swimmer Pulled From Pool Is Saved By Heroic Teen

"I was really calm actually. I just started chest compressions while everyone's panicking in the background, until (the paramedics) came," she said. "His eyes were closed, so it kind of just looked like he was sleeping. But you know, you don't know for certain, and they always teach you start chest compressions until someone takes over, so that's what I did."

The paramedics then arrived to take over, and the child was taken to a hospital. He is expected to recover and survived thanks to Savennah stepping in to help!

“I wasn’t thinking about anything, I was just kind of like in the moment, like ‘oh my gosh,’ and afterward, I was like, ‘oh my god, oh I think I did just save him’,” Savennah said.

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God bless this heroic teen whose actions saved a little's boy's life!

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