Woman Turning 97 Years Old Decided To Treat Herself To A John Deere Tractor For Her Birthday

turning 97 years old john deere tractor

A Massachusetts woman turning 97 years old found a unique way to treat herself on her birthday. She bought a John Deere riding lawn mower!

Outdoor work is both relaxing and rewarding. Having a freshly mowed lawn is one of life's most underappreciated joys. It's the sign of a job completed, with the fruits of one's labor visible to all. Mowing and working outside, in general, also provides a momentary escape from all other stressors and worries.

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Marie Erickson knows the joys that come with mowing the lawn. In fact, she enjoys doing it so much that the Massachusetts resident does it every single day.

Tall, unwieldy grass or an out-of-control weed does not stand a chance in Marie's yard!

“I’m on that tractor every day, whether the grass needs cutting or not,” Marie said. “I go around and check, and when I see it, I cut it.”

And now, the 97-year-old mows her yard daily with a gift she bought herself on her recent birthday.

A Special Birthday Wish For Turning 97 Years Old

To celebrate turning 97 years old in May, Marie knew what she wanted. She bought a $5,000 John Deere mowing tractor, which she paid for in cash.

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It was something that Marie saved for more than a year, counting her money every single month, she said.

Marie convinced herself to make the pricey purchase by remembering her money won't do her much good once she's gone from this earth.

“I said, I think I’m worth it all these years and I’m not going to take the money with me,” Marie said. “I’m going to save it. I’m going to spend it.”

Marie also added that mowing her 2.5-acre yard helps to keep her busy. Plus, Marie mentioned that she is not a big fan of housework.

What a terrific example of someone who refuses to let age keep her from doing what she enjoys.

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Isaiah 46:4 "Even when you are old, I will be the same, and when you are gray-haired, I will take care of you: I will still be responsible for what I may: yes, I will take you and keep you safe."

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