God Sent an Angel on a Park Bench to Change a Stranger’s Life, Now They Meet Again

strangers reunite in tear-filled moment after 8 years

The good Lord's kindness, love and guidance can come in many ways, including loving and encouraging words from a complete and total stranger.

One chance encounter between two strangers on a park bench in Georgia changed one woman's life forever, improving it immeasurably. The two strangers reunited, making for a tear-jerking moment.

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Eight years ago, Deborah Rushing was experiencing a rather difficult period, one of life's many storms. She was down, out and carrying a burden that was weighing her down, according to Today.

Deborah wasn't sure what to do or where to turn. She found herself in what she has called an "unhealthy" relationship. Deborah said she "was at a very low point," "was lost" and "needed help."

But little did Deborah know that God had sent help her way in the form of Helen Boyd – a total stranger. However, despite not knowing Helen from Adam, Deborah knew Helen was a special person.

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"I saw Miss Helen standing in front of the fountain in front of me, looking at me, "Deborah said. "I knew that from the moment I looked at her that there was something very special about her."

Helen admitted to Today that she could tell, during that day in the park, Deborah needed help.

“I just came up on her - she didn’t know where I came from," Helen said. “Something was going on with her. I just told her, ‘It’s gonna be okay.’ I said, ‘I’m a friend, and I can help you do this.'"

While that was the one and only time the two met in person, that chance encounter led to a friendship and mentor-mentee situation.

The Two Strangers Reunited, Making For a Moving and Heartfelt Moment

Deborah, in an appearance on Today with Hoda and Jenna, explained how much Helen's advice, care and friendship have meant to her over the years.

"This bond is unbelievable," Deborah said. "One time, one sentence with her. We sat down, we started having conversations and she has never left my side, eight years later."

Deborah later added how Helen assisted her through that low point.

"She helped me so much during that time of need," Deborah said. "And gave me such direction and positivity and hope in my faith and so forth."

Deborah went on to reveal that she has a heavenly nickname for Helen.

"I call her my angel because she literally dropped out of the sky in front of me. And like I said, it's when I needed her the most," she said.

Helen walked on set and reunited with Deborah, the woman she only met once, but felt moved to talk to and encourage. They embraced in a loving hug. The tears began to fall.

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Helen recounted that meeting eight years ago and how they have kept in touch over the years. Deborah thanked her friend and mentioned much she has learned from Helen about positivity and faith.

Deborah gave thanks to the Lord for Helen's guidance and mentoring.

"We've gotta give thanks to God," Deborah said. "Because she was, she was my angel sent to me."

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