Grandma Trapped In A Fire Can’t Get Out But then An ‘Angel’ Appears Out Of Nowhere

man saves grandmother from fire

One man is being hailed as a hero after his actions put his own health and safety on the line for someone else, a total stranger.

Superheroes are an obsession of Hollywood and the moviegoing public. Every year, several big blockbuster films featuring fictional, powerful characters equipped with otherworldly abilities find their way to cinemas. Without fail, those films gross hundreds of millions of dollars.

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While those characters are confined to the pages of comic books or the screens at movie theaters, there are actual, real heroes. One man – Ronnie Coulam – can now be easily classified as a hero following his recent actions in which he saved the life of a grandmother, according to KPTV Fox 12 Oregon.

It was late February when Kai Brown spotted what appeared to be the beginnings of a fire inside his West Linn, Oregon home. West Linn is a suburb on the south side of Portland. Kai then phoned 911 for help and attempted to help his grandmother, Jennie Brown, exit the house.

The fire and smoke hindered Kai’s attempts to get his grandmother outside to safety.

"I got to the top of the stairs, and I tried to breathe in, but it hurt really bad," Kai told the station.

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Kai also added that he tried to help Jennie down the stairs, but "she ended up falling."

Her stumble was so severe that Jennie injured herself and was unable to get back up. However, then something happened. God sent an individual, a hero Jennie's way.

“An Angel” Ran Into The House and Helped To Pull The Woman To Safety

Ronnie, a passerby, spotted the smoke coming from the house and ran inside. He found Jennie "at the bottom of the stairs" and with "black all over her face" due to the smoke. The good Samaritan then pulled her to the door.

Firefighters, who arrived on the scene, then picked her up and carried her out of the house, according to Fox News.

In recounting the situation, Jennie referred to Ronnie as a heavenly being.

"This angel came out of nowhere and just swooped me up and I was out the door like that," she said.

Ronnie received a certificate from area firefighters for his brave, selfless and life-saving efforts.

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What a loving and selfless act. Ronnie risked his life to save the life of another.

"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."John 15:13

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