Cat Goes Missing for 10 Days But Then Dog’s Incessant Barking Tells Them Just Where to Look

cat missing 10 days

A cat missing 10 days after getting trapped in a well may have never been found if not for her unlikely rescuer – a neighbor’s dog!

When her cat went missing, owner Freya Hill began to wonder if something had happened to her. Was her furry family member off on another adventure? Did she get hurt? Or was she curled up somewhere safe in someone else's lap?

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But after a couple of days, Freya was beginning to worry. After a week, Freya was desperate. Her cat she affectionately named Flea goes missing for 10 days but then a dog's incessant barking tells them just where to look.

Dog Helps Find Cat Missing 10 Days

Typically cats and dogs aren't exactly the best of friends. As seemingly natural sworn enemies, Flea's rescue was quite unique.

One pup put his disdain for Flea aside when he realized she was in trouble!

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After the pup heard her pitiful cries for help in the bottom of a well–this pup took a lesson from Lassie and ran to get some help! He continued to bark and coaxed people to follow him to the well where Flea was trapped twenty feet below!

Flea had been trapped in the bottom of the well but managed to find a ledge to cling to while she cried for help! Firefighters cut the top of the well open and managed to lower one man down into the well to get Flea out of there.

Flea was soaking wet and looked as if she had just survived losing one of her nine lives. After missing for 10 days, the cat’s owner Freya was more than overjoyed to see Flea safe and sound back at home.

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“She’s definitely trying to use up one of her nine lives." She added, "I’m so grateful and thankful to the firefighters who all carried out such a brilliant and amazing job." Talk about one doggone amazing rescue!

"Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you shall honor and glorify Me." Psalm 50:15

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service