CTV Female News Anchor Fired For Letting Her Hair Go Grey So The Internet Takes A Stand

CTV female news anchor Lisa LaFlamme grey hair

CTV female news anchor Lisa LaFlamme made the decision to say goodbye to the dyes and let her hair go grey. But she says it cost her her job. So, folks all across the internet took a stand!

In this clip, a TV network gave Canadian award-winning news anchor Lisa LaFlamme the boot because of her hair color choice. She decided to go grey. She shares how the decision left her "blindsided" and "still in shock."

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After this decision, many people on social media began posting and standing up for her. They stood up for the fact that this was not fair and unfair to women of age.

Internet Rallies Around Fired CTV Female News Anchor

Lisa LaFlamme is 62, and she should be able to have the choice of wearing her natural God-given hair. Sadly, this is a struggle for women in that their beauty can make or break a career on TV.

People actually began the hashtag #KeepTheGrey in support of the CTV female news anchor. They want to show her support in the midst of her hurt.

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Now, many women are posting with their gray hair to encourage that this news anchor is not alone and that they too have made this decision. Even businesses are showing major support.

Wendy's even changed the color of the child logo to have grey hair to show support. Some women have been blessed with words of positivity for this decision, including podcasters. However, this is a topic needing discussion. And women need to be treated fairly when they make this decision.

God shares his thoughts about gray hair often in the Bible. He even refers to gray hair as a glorious crown. We can celebrate age because the Lord gives life, and it is a blessing to be commemorated.

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"Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness." Proverbs 16:31

WATCH: CTV Female News Anchor Lisa LaFlamme Fired For Grey Hair

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