Couple Going Door-to-Door to Find Lost Dog’s Owner Stop As They Hear Cries for Help

man and woman going door-to-door find elderly man in need of help

A man and a woman in Indiana were trying to locate the owner of a lost dog when they instead, found an elderly man in life-threatening condition.

Social media and television news broadcasts would lead one to believe kindness, consideration and civility are of a bygone era. But despite what those misspelled, profane posts on Facebook and Twitter may indicate, generous and caring people still walk the earth.

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A couple in Jennings County, Indiana, were out walking with an animal that didn't belong to them. That's because they were attempting to find the owner of a lost dog, according to Jennings County Sheriff’s Office.

The unnamed good Samaritans were out walking in late August, going door-to-door. But when they came upon one house, they heard something extremely disturbing.

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The sheriff’s office reports they heard what they believed to be someone, a man, yelling from inside the house. This person was calling out for help, according to People. After that, the man entered the house and found an elderly gentleman "who needed immediate medical attention."

Deputies Believe Elderly Man Was in The Position For 2 Days Before Man and Woman Found Him

Deputies believe the man had been in that state for approximately two days.

The man and woman then phoned 911. They requested immediate medical help for the elderly man, who was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The deputies, in a Facebook post, mentioned that if not for the man and woman walking around, going door-to-door, the elderly man may not have survived too much longer.

The department also added that the day the man and woman were out walking with the lost dog was National Dog Day.

The lost dog, after being taken to a shelter, was found and located by its owner.

This situation is an example that kindness and simply doing the right thing can and does benefit everyone. Those not the intended beneficiaries of benevolent acts can see the rewards of the good deeds of others.

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"So then, as we have the chance, let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the family of the faith."Galatians 6:10

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h/t: People & County Sheriff’s Office

Featured Image Credit: County Sheriff’s Office