Guardian Angel On Subway Saves Woman From Creepy Man

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A creepy guy making unwanted advances wouldn’t leave a woman alone on the subway. But then another subway stranger came to the woman’s aid in a rather clever way!

Some guys just can’t take a hint. And a Reddit user by the name of strawberry_luv shared a terrifying example of this, which she experienced in New York on the subway. Thankfully, she also encountered a kind gentleman who found a brilliant way to help her out of a scary situation.

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This woman was traveling alone in New York. And as she waited for the train to arrive, a man came up behind her. He started calling the woman “baby” and other such names. And though she ignored the man’s leering, the creepy guy refused to leave her alone.

Once on the train, strawerry_luv tried sitting down. But this man stood over her and continued to make remarks. So, she got up and moved away, only for him to follow her.

“I felt so anxious like throwing up,” she says of the man’s continued harassment.

Thankfully, another subway stranger took notice of the girl’s dilemma. And this guardian angel (coincidentally named Michael!) had a brilliant plan for helping this young lady out.

Subway Stranger Steps In To Help Harassed Woman

Michael picked up on what was going on. And thankfully, he wasn’t afraid to act.

“Hey Lauren,” Michael yelled to the frightened woman. “You going to Jeff’s dinner party, too?”

At first, the woman was confused. Her name isn’t Lauren and she didn’t know Michael from Adam. But then she realized what he was doing and answered yes.

“Perfect timing. We can walk together,” Michael said as he moved next to this woman.

Next, he pretended to show “Lauren” a text from “Jeff.” Really, he’d opened the notepad app on his phone and typed, “are you ok?”

The woman took Michael’s phone and typed into the notepad, letting him know the creepy guy was following her and that she needed help. And just as a true gentleman and guardian angel would do, Michael got off at the same stop as this woman and walked her all the way to her friend’s house.

“I have never been in a spot like that and I always told myself what I’d do in a situation like that but I just froze and shut down,” the woman shared on Reddit. “I am so thankful men like him are out there and aware of situations like that. In New York, most people really keep to themselves. So thank you very much, Michael… you were like my guardian angel.”

We’re so glad God put Michael in the right place at the right time, and that he was brave enough to step in and help. What a wonderful reminder of how we’re all supposed to watch out for one another.

h/t: Cafe Mom

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Camille Minouflet

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