Woman Credits Guardian Angel For Her Safety After Huge Tree Crushes Her Car

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A retired woman in England couldn’t help but count her blessings as she watched as a huge tree came crashing down on to her car — the same car she’d been about to enter. But thanks to divine intervention, she narrowly escaped death!

Joyce Woodward of England left her home, about to head out for the day. But her phone started ringing just before getting into her car. As she stepped away to chat, a huge tree came crashing down.

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The tree landed in the road and on top of Joyce’s car in the driveway, leaving it a crushed and mangled mess. And the phone call is the only reason Joyce wasn’t inside her vehicle when the tree came crashing down. Had she been inside, there’s no doubt the woman would have been seriously injured, if not worse.

Joyce is certain the timing of that call was no coincidence.

"It just came down by itself, but it does look rotten at the bottom,” Joyce said. "If I hadn't had a phone call to deal with I would have been in the car. I think I have a guardian angel."

As Joyce and neighbors were sorting out what to do, more angels showed up!

Help Arrives After Tree Came Crashing Down

Neighbors came out after the huge tree came crashing down. After the relief of finding Joyce safe and sound settled, the group started working on what to do with the huge tree now blocking the road in and out of the cul-de-sac.

They lobbed a call to both the police and city council. But before anyone could respond, another stroke of divine intervention brought help right to them!

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Workers from a local tree care company just so happened to drive by.

"We were just passing,” said company owner Harry Ibbertson. “Our yard space is just half a mile away, saw what was going on and decided to help.”

Normally, the company gets paid for this type of work. But seeing the downed tree and all the folks it impacted, they came to the rescue! And the Good Samaritans did so free of charge.

"It was a gesture of goodwill as the residents were trapped in," Harry said.

h/t: Coventry Telegraph

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