Family Says Angels Protected 4-Year-Old During Mountain Lion Attack

Little Girl Survives Mountain Lion Attack Thanks To Divine Intervention

What started as a fun-filled family reunion in Idaho quickly turned horrific after a sudden mountain lion attack. But thanks to divine intervention, the victim — 4-year-old Kelsi Butt — is alive and well today!

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Credit: Madison County Sheriff’s Office (left) / People Magazine (right)

Everyone was having a great time at the family reunion, held near Green Canyon Hot Springs. But all of that changed in just a matter of minutes!

The Mountain Lion Attack

Kelsi was walking with two of her cousins when a 93-pound male mountain lion appeared out of nowhere. He bounded from the nearby weeds and grabbed little Kelsi before anyone could stop him.

“He had my daughter in his mouth and he couldn’t pick her up so he dragged her to get a better bite,” the girl’s father, Israel Butt, recalled. “He rolled her over with his paws to better situate Kelsi’s body in his mouth.”

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Credit: Madison County Sheriff’s Office

The nightmarish scene shocked everyone. Terrified, Kelsi’s mom, Kera, ran to her daughter, screaming at the mountain lion to let her go. She screamed and screamed and, amazingly, it worked. The wild animal dropped her baby girl!

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Angels Watching Over

The poor girl was bleeding and there were puncture wounds on her belly. But miraculously, she was alive and relatively fine!

They rushed Kelsi to the hospital. Doctors cleaned Kelsi’s wounds, started her on antibiotics and gave her a rabies shot. From the neck down, there was plenty of bruising from the neck down. But no major damage.

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Credit: People Magazine

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Credit: People Magazine

And considering she survived a mountain lion attack, it’s a miracle her injuries weren’t worse!

“We are so blessed she survived this,” says Kelsi’s dad. “There are angels out there watching over us.”

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Israel, Kera and their children Credit: People Magazine

Praise God for keeping this precious girl safe, just as he kept Daniel safe when he was placed in the den of lions!

“My God has sent his angel, and has shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: for as much as before him innocence was found in me; and also before you, O king, have I done no hurt.” Daniel 6:22

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h/t: People Magazine

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