An Unlikely Angel Reunites A Grieving Mom With Her Lost Locket

A Christmas Miracle Returns A Lost Angel Locket

When Cristina Parodi-Araya recently made a trip to the mall, it turned into a huge mess. A very special memento — the locket containing her late son's ashes — went missing. But God used this mess to send all of us, including Cristina, a very important message — miracles do exist!

A Special Angel Locket

Cristina never went anywhere without the angel locket containing the ashes of Francisco, the son she had lost.


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After battling a rare form of cancer, Francisco went home to be with the Lord at age 19. For the single mother, it was a devastating loss.

"When he died, I didn't only lose my only child — my life, my baby. But also so many dreams," she says.


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Cristina was a mess after her son's death, and so she had some of his ashes put into a special locket. She chose an angel because that had been her nickname for her son since he was a small boy. The grieving mother found comfort in wearing the angel necklace every day, close to her heart.

"To me, having this angel with his ashes, it's like I still have a part of my son with me."


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So, when she discovered the locket was missing, it was like losing her son all over again. Cristina made signs and even appeared on her local news station, wearing her son's favorite jacket. With tears in her eyes, she begged anyone who may have found the necklace to contact her.


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A Special Connection

Cristina's heartfelt plea struck a chord with Ana Hernandez. Ana has been fighting breast cancer herself, and seeing Cristina in such pain left her in tears. She texted a photo of the missing locket to her husband, Carlos, who works at one of the stores in the mall where it had been lost. And that's when it became clear to all that God was at work!


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Carlos replied to his wife's text with his own picture of the locket, saying, "You're not going to believe this!"

Carlos' coworker had found the locket earlier in the week near the parking lot. She'd brought the locket back to the store for safekeeping, hopeful that the owner would come back looking for it.


Credit: NBC San Diego

Ana called Cristina immediately to deliver the wonderful news. An overjoyed Cristina was speechless. When the couple met with her to return the locket, Cristina says it was one of the happiest moments of her life. And the grateful mom has no question who is ultimately to thank for getting her angel back.

“I’m so happy, I got my Christmas miracle. I can’t believe it, that the Lord is so merciful that he gave me my Christmas miracle, and my angel is back with me.”


Credit: NBC San Diego

And amidst the happy ending, Cristina is also thankful for all of the support and encouragement she received after the local news aired her story.

“So that shows me that no matter how bad things are sometimes in the world we outnumber with people that still care and love and are compassionate. That’s what happened,” she said. “People truly care and people are part of Christmas miracles.”

It just goes to show that nothing is too big or too small for our God. He performs miracles every day!

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