Identical Quadruplets Beat 64 Million-to-One Odds to Survive and Just Wait ‘Til You See Them Today

carles quadruplets today

Doctors offered little hope that the Carles quadruplets would all survive, but today, all four lovelies are healthy, happy, and will turn 18 this month!

Ellie, Georgie, Jessica, and Holly of Upper Caldecote, Bedfordshire, England, were born on March 23, 2006, the daughters of Jose and Julie Carles. While the girls now prepare to embark on their own adult journeys, their future was very uncertain during Julie's high-risk pregnancy.

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Told Their Babies Might Not Survive

When Julie and Jose saw their doctor 11 weeks into Julie's pregnancy in September 2005, they learned they were expecting monochorionic quadruplets. Pregnancies of this type are estimated to occur in 1 out of every 10-15 million pregnancies. Julie and Jose were "traumatized" by what doctors said next.

Julie, a regional operations manager, recalls the sonographer telling her it was unlikely that her babies would survive. They were told that it was more likely that they would win the lottery than deliver four healthy babies.

“The sonographer said it was unlikely that they would survive,” Julie said. “He told us we had more chance of winning the lottery.”

However, the couple considered their situation and decided to move forward. Julie shared, "Over the weekend we did some research and accepted it, we felt like we were given a gift. I was a healthy 37-year-old. We knew we had to go forward with it."

The Miracle Girls Were Born

When Julie reached 23 weeks, she was admitted to Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in London. In addition to the stress on Julie's body, she missed Jose-the hospitalization was the first time the two had been away from one another.

However, despite 64 million-to-one odds, Jose and Julie's miracle girls were born within three minutes of one another on that March afternoon in 2006. The four weighed between 1 lb., 9 ounces, and 2 lbs., 8 ounces. After spending eight weeks in the hospital's NICU unit and receiving excellent care, they were transferred to Stevenage's Lister Hospital until they were ready to go home. Jose and Julie say it was "the best day" of their lives!

Georgie was the first of the girls to walk at nine months, while Jess was the last of the four to walk and talk. However, as they grew, once one of the four did something, the others would soon follow suit.

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The Girls Thrived When They Started School

Though Julie and Jose worried that the youngsters would not make new friends, they "thrived" when they started school and were placed in different classes. Julie shared, "They were happy to be separated, they branched out, and their personalities developed." When they entered the upper grades, they were placed in classes in pairs, which was not ideal. However, even if they split up or ever stray far from each other in the years to come, it is obvious their bond will always be strong. They are the best of friends!

"Georgie and Ellie are currently doing their A levels," according to Jose. He continued, "Georgie has been offered a place to study at the University of Creative Arts, but she might defer a year and travel with Ellie. Jess and Holly both have another year of college. I think they will miss each other, but they will enjoy the freedom. They will always have each other."

College and Turning 18

In England, "college" is the first step beyond a student's mandatory education. College lasts two years and helps prepare students to take tests to enter "university." Students begin college at 16 and move on to university after successfully completing college. The Carles sisters may look identical, but each is striking out into the world on their individual paths.

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In celebration of their 18th birthdays, the girls, incidentally looking like perfect morphs of Mom and Dad, plan to have a quiet dinner with Jose (51) and Julie (55). They have also requested a concert. Julie says that she and Jose might just oblige, "They haven’t really asked for much. We’re going to celebrate the day as a family. We’re a very close family."

"Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced," 1 Chronicles 16:12

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