She Was Given Only 5 Years To Live But then God Used Her Dog To Lead Her To The Remedy

dog helps find perfect donor match for owner

An animal helped save the life of its owner by finding the perfect donor match for a kidney transplant.

Dogs are special creatures created by the Lord above. They are loyal and caring companions whose only motivation seems to be their love for those close to them. But one dog, a Doberman named Indie, went a step further and actually helped to save the life of her owner, according to Sunny Skyz.

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Lucy Humphrey, a 44-year-old woman, found herself in a horrible situation. She was in desperate need of a kidney transplant and the outlook was very, very bleak.

Lucy badly needed a kidney transplant. Doctors estimated she had only five years left without it. To make matters much worse, her doctor informed her that finding a perfect match was basically impossible. The odds, her doctor told her, were something like one in 22 million.

But little did Lucy know that a trip to the beach would soon change everything!

Lucy and her partner Cenydd Owen took their Doberman Indie on the beach outing. However, for some reason, Indie kept running ahead of Lucy and Cenydd and bothering a woman in front of them. Indie did this several times.

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To apologize for Indie's actions, Cenydd invited the woman, 40-year-old Katie James, over to enjoy dinner with them. Thankfully, Katie accepted the invitation. During dinner, a simple refusal led to a magnificent and life-saving discovery.

"And Katie came and joined us," Lucy said. "And Katie offered me a drink and my partner said, ‘She can't drink, she's having dialysis.'"

Katie then proceeded to ask why Lucy was undergoing dialysis. She was informed that Lucy was in dire need of a kidney transplant. Katie, amazingly, had just been added to the list to donate.

At this point, Lucy had spent years on the transplant list.

The Encounter At The Beach Led To The Kidney Transplant

"I didn't believe, I didn't think that we'd necessarily be a match because it was such a coincidence for us to just randomly meet at the beach," Katie said.

While still at the beach, the three learned that Katie and Lucy shared the same blood type.

Katie then underwent all the necessary tests and learned she was that one person in 22 million for Lucy. They were a perfect match!

Lucy finally got that much-needed kidney transplant late last year.

God used one of his special creatures, a Doberman named Indie, to create a chance encounter that would eventually save Lucy's life!

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"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good."Genesis 1:21

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