Kelly Clarkson and Carol Burnett Singing Special Duet Of ‘So Long’ Is So Delightful

Kelly Clarkson and Carol Burnett singing

Kelly Clarkson and Carol Burnett singing the classic sign-off song, ‘So Long,’ from The Carol Burnett Show makes for such a special treat!

Carol Burnett has kept people laughing for decades. Due to her abundant comedic talent and lightning-fast wit, Carol always brought tons of fun and laughter to her television program, The Carol Burnett Show. Even decades later, The Carol Burnett Show remains a beloved program that still makes audiences laugh with its talented cast and off-the-wall sketches.

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Carol repeatedly displayed her ability to send audiences and even her castmates into uncontrollable laughter. In addition to comedy, Carol showed she could sing, ending every episode by singing "So Long."

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Carol didn't have to perform "So Long" solo. Instead, the audience got to witness Kelly Clarkson and Carol Burnett singing the song together. And the two made it a beautiful duet!

Two Icons Turn ‘So Long’ Into Special Duet

While sitting down, Carol and Kelly belt out the lyrics that most people likely know by heart. About 30 seconds into the clip, Carol even does her signature move, which she did during every performance of "So Long." She tugged on her left ear.

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Kelly Clarkson and Carol Burnett sound terrific singing together! Despite her advanced age, Carol's voice still sounds great.

At the end of their song, Kelly throws herself back in her chair and is all smiles. It's obvious she cannot believe what she was privileged enough to do. Kelly then pops up out of her seat and gives Carol a warm and loving embrace.

Kelly obviously has a ton of respect for the talented and lovely Carol Burnett, who just turned 90 years old.

Right before the clip ends, Carol can be heard telling Kelly, "You're a doll."

The audience also appreciates the television history that was made right before them. They erupt in a round of thunderous applause.

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What an awesome, moving and touching moment between two very talented women.

Psalm 105:2 "Sing to him, sing psalms to him: talk you all of his wondrous works."

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson And Carol Burnett Singing ‘So Long’

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