Carol Burnett Brings On The Laughs With Hilarious News Parody

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In a news parody from The Carol Burnett Show, Steve and Linda Bradshaw — America's favorite news couple — work through matrimonial issues on air. The caption under the clip reads, "Tune in for your daily news, where the anchors are married, and they aren’t doing well." If you aren't giggling yet, you will be!

Carol Burnett and Rock Hudson are absolutely magical in this news parody that aired on the Carol Burnett Show in episode 10, season 18.

Passive Aggressive News Network Parody

The skit begins as the couple gets ready to go on air to deliver the daily news. But Linda is furious with her husband. However, she has to maintain professionalism and decorum.

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Instead of coming off the handle after learning her husband has been a little too friendly with his secretary, she enunciates sound bites that reflect their current situation.

As she begins to read the first news clip, she declares, "Don't you honey me, buster!"

Steve is stunned. He then recovers and reads the next story of the day, all the while ensuring his wife knows he is talking about her attitude.

"Storm warnings and an icy front. And those sailing into choppy waters are advised to use extreme caution," he said.

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Linda then gives Steve a smoldering glare before stating, "Stick it in your ear" and launching into a news clip about a hearing aid conference. But the message to Steve was loud and clear.

Finally, the tipping point in this news parody arrives. Through the next news story, which happens to be all about ‘National Secretary Week,’ Linda reveals why she is furious with her husband.

Marital Issues Make For Tense TV

She says, "National secretary week has started. All over the nation, secretaries are being kept from hopping to lunches and dinners as satisfied bosses as showering them with gifts as a way of saying ‘thanks' for all those little extras they perform all year long." Then she turns to her husband and asks, "Any comment on that Steve?"

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He chuckles and replies, "I always say there's nothing like a good secretary to keep a man's affairs in order." But then he realizes he acknowledged what his wife had suspected. And he finds himself in hot water when Linda moves on to the next news story.

Linda declares, "Divorce rates are up 18 percent this year. This five percent increase this year has been attributed to unfaithful middle-aged husbands who are insecure in their masculinity."

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The passive-aggressive conversation in this news parody continues as Linda demands a luxurious mink coat and a diamond ring. Before closing out the news hour, she adds, "Please stay tuned later this evening when I'll be hosting for housewives only. Tonight's topic will be infidelity, making his guilt your gain."

As a former reporter and journalist, I absolutely loved their portrayal of a married couple with marriage woes while delivering the news.

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I hope this classic skit with talented Carol Burnett and Rock Hudson gives you a good laugh and brightens your day!

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