Faith-Based Movie ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Takes Hollywood By Surprise And Soars Past $40 Million

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The faith-based movie Sound Of Freedom took Hollywood by surprise, selling out theaters, earning standing ovations, and eclipsing $40 million in just the first week after its release.

The film is based on the true story of a government agent, Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel. Tim quit his job at the Department of Homeland Security so he could dedicate his life to rescuing children in other countries from sex trafficking.

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Angel Studios, the same faith-based company behind The Chosen, produced the movie Sound of Freedom. However, the film’s incredible success has even stunned them!

Faith Movie Sound Of Freedom Stuns All

Released to theaters on July 4, 2023, the movie beat out Disney’s Indiana Jones at the box office, grossing $14.2 million on its opening day. By the time the movie headed into its first full weekend, it had grossed roughly $20 million! And prior to its opening day, many Hollywood experts hadn't even heard of the film.

"We’re so thrilled. I know it’s been a surprise to Hollywood," the senior vice president of global distribution at Angel Studios, Jared Geesey, said.

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A week after the movie Sound Of Freedom hit theaters, the film’s success kept on soaring, surpassing the $40 million mark. It even surpassed the ticket sales goal set by Angel Studios. The company hoped to sell 2 million tickets in its first week, representing the 2 million children being sex trafficked. However, as of Monday, July 10, 2023, 3.8 million tickets had been sold!

“As with our July 4th numbers, today’s numbers exceed our expectations, and we’re going to continue this momentum. Sound of Freedom has taken on a life of its own,” said Brandon Purdie, head of theatrical distribution at Angel Studios. “We’re getting messages from all over the country telling us about packed theaters, sold-out theaters, and spontaneous standing ovations for the film in numerous locations. Seeing this film has become a must thanks to incredible word-of-mouth.”

Continued Succes Of Movie Sound Of Freedom

With the movie’s incredible success, Angel Studios made the decision to expand into even more movie theaters. And another awesome feature of the movie Sound Of Freedom is the "pay-it-forward" model. Fans have the ability to purchase tickets for other fans.

"It really empowers moviegoers who are inspired by the film to purchase tickets for other people that want to see it," Jared Geesey explained. "… We really think that’s the reason there will be continued growth and impact [with Sound of Freedom]. We’re just getting started. It's not just about July the Fourth."

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What an awesome reminder that God’s children are not for sale!

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