Man At The Beach Hears Strange Sound, Then Finds A Pair Of Eyes Staring Back At Him

dog trapped in cave

A sound stopped a man dead in his tracks at the beach and led him to find a dog trapped in a cave of rocks. And had he not made the discovery when he did, things would have ended badly for this poor pup!

A San Francisco resident was out for a jog on the beach when he heard an odd sound.

"He heard a muffled bark, but there was no one in sight," Carlos Ortega recalled.

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The man could have simply continued on with his jog. But thankfully, he decided to investigate. And as he looked around the rocky cliffs by the ocean, this man made a startling discovery!

Time Is Short For Dog Trapped In Cave

The man found a dog trapped in a cave of sorts, created by a pile of rocks locking the pooch in place. Two sad, pitiful eyes stared back at him and the jogger knew he needed to do something.

The Good Samaritan called the local animal shelter, alerting him to what he’d found. The shelter sent out Carlos Ortega, who raced to the beach and immediately began searching for the trapped dog.

The man who’d called in the situation didn’t stick around. By the time Carlos arrived, the man had left. But thankfully, he’d used GPS to send the dog’s approximate location, along with a photo of where the dog was trapped in the cave.

Even with this information, Carlos couldn’t find the pup at first. And he knew finding the dog quickly was a matter of life and death.

"She didn't really have a lot of time to be in that situation without harm coming over her," he recalled. "The tide was coming in, so I had to work fast."

Locating the dog trapped in the cave of rocks wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The GPS pin Carlos had gave only an approximate location. And all of the piles of rocks looked the same!

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"I started looking at all the rocks on the cliffside, trying to match the pattern of the rocks in the picture with what I was looking at in front of me," he said. "But the entire area looked identical to what the picture looked like."

A Touching Reunion

Carlos frantically searched without success. And just as he was about to phone for help, he looked down and saw the same sad, pitiful eyes the jogger had seen.

"I looked down and saw Gwen staring up at me," Carlos explained. "She was shivering, but she didn't make a peep. Not a single sound."

Carlos quickly went to work digging out the dog trapped in the cave of rocks. And once she was free, it her gratitude and relief were obvious.

"I reached down and pet her," Carlos recalled. "She stopped shaking for a second and moved closer to me while I was petting her. That was a good sign."

Carlos took the frightened pup back to his vehicle and searched for a microchip. He found one, which revealed the address of the dog’s family.

Carlos took Gwen (the dog trapped in the cave) to her home, where her worried family raced out to meet them. It turns out Gwen had gotten loose that morning and her family had been looking all over for her. They had no idea their beloved dog had been trapped in a cave. And they were overjoyed to have her back home, safe and sound.

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Thank God Carlos found this furry angel in time!

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Animal Care & Control San Francisco