Deaf Man Discriminated By Rude Waiter And Strangers Stand Up For Him

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When a deaf man is encountering a rude waiter, cameras capture the kindness of strangers as they come to his aid. The television show ‘What Would You Do?' is a hidden camera program hosted by John Qui’ones.

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The popular show is notable for putting strangers in difficult situations and then recording their reactions. You can never predict how someone will respond from episode to episode. Sometimes, there is anger while other times you may see people wiping away a tear.

Many of the episodes are inspired by real-life events or news stories. And that's exactly what is happening in today's clip from ‘What Would You Do?"

People Respond When Deaf Man Is Discriminated Against

Actors are placed inside a restaurant to see how people will respond to a deaf man discriminated by a rude waiter. Deaf actor and advocate Nyle DiMarco joins John behind the scenes to share his unique perspective. One man poses as a customer while another actor plays the part of the waiter.

While trying to order, the waiter continues to act irritated and impatient, much to the shock of fellow patrons. One by one, strangers come to the aid of the diner and either help him with his order or defend him to the waiter. With tears in his eyes, one man said, "I don't care who it was.

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You don't treat someone like that." It was truly heartwarming to watch so many people defend a complete stranger. It's moments that like that truly restore my faith in humanity. Don't you agree?

WATCH: A Waiter Is Rude And Dismissive To A Deaf Man At A Restaurant | WWYD

h/t: Godtube