Nervous Singer Lucie Jones Has Simon Doubtful But Then Her Whitney Houston Audition Stuns

lucie jones x factor audition

Singer Lucie Jones on The X Factor is so nervous at the start of her audition, Simon Cowell doubts she can pull off Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You.’ But boy was he wrong!

Lucie Jones is an 18-year-old from a small village in Wales, where there are just a couple hundred people.

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"I really want to get out, and I want to get out there on the big stage," says Lucie when talking about her hometown.

"For someone like Lucie, who's got her eyes on the bright lights, this could be the way that she is able to move away and realize her dream," shares Lucie's mom in an interview before Lucie Jones' X Factor audition.

Lucie Jones Wows On X Factor

As Lucie starts to sing ‘I Will Always Love You,’ she seems a little timid at first while she up there on the stage. But then she starts to gain confidence and her voice becomes stronger. Simon even starts to smile as he sees her come into her own on stage.

After her audition, the X Factor judges share some encouraging words with Lucie Jones.

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"I actually loved the vulnerability in your performance, cause it makes me think that you don't realize actually how amazing you are," says Judge Sheryl. She continues, saying, "I think you're one to watch, Lucie. I think you could be absolutely amazing. I think you could sing anything."

"Some people were absolutely born to sing," X Factor Judge Loui tells Lucie Jones. "You were born to sing. You tick all the boxes, and I predict everything's gonna change for you from this day on."

"Lucie, this is why we come to Wales," says Simon with a big smile on his face. "One of the hardest songs in the world to sing. You didn't try to impersonate Whitney, you sang it your way. You're really likable, Lucie. You're really, really good. I like you," he says."

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This talented girl just cannot believe all the high praise that she is getting! After getting yeses from all of the X Factor judges, Lucie Jones runs off stage to embrace her parents as they celebrate her accomplishment.

WATCH: Lucie Jones X Factor Audition – I Will Always Love You

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