Prayers Needed After Freak Golf Cart Accident Has 7-Year-Old Eva Love Sherbondy Fighting for Life

eva love golf cart accident prayers

Updated 1/27/2020 — 7-year-old Eva Love Sherbondy suffered a severe head injury in a freak golf cart accident. And now, her devoted mom Lindsay is rallying all the prayer warriors she can find to pray for a miracle. Because this inspiring family knows God can do the impossible!

Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy are living every parent’s worst nightmare. A day of fun turned tragic when their 7-year-old daughter, Eva Love, was involved in a golf cart accident.

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For reasons that are likely to remain unknown, Eva Love just leaned off and fell when riding in a golf cart with her friends.

“No answer as to why. No hills, bumps, crazy driving, nothing,” Lindsay wrote on social media.

Though it was a very short fall, Eva Love suffered a severe brain injury. And since then, her devastated parents have received nothing but terrifying news from the doctors.

But this brave, inspirational family is leaning on the Great Physician to decide the future of their little angel!

Family Finds Hope In God After Golf Cart Accident

Following the golf cart accident, doctors performed emergency brain surgery and then put Eva Love, who was in critical condition, into a coma. And since then, Lindsay says the little girl’s prognosis has only gotten worse.

Her parents have been posting Eva Love Sherbondy health updates on their social media accounts, as well as on the Eva Sherbondy Caring Bridge page. It’s also where they have also been pleading with friends, family, strangers — any and all prayer warriors — to come together to lift up prayers for miraculous healing.

Because though the times are dark and the prognosis bleak, Lindsay Sherbondy is using two words to hang on to hope — BUT GOD.

“I am more scared than I have ever been,” she wrote on Instagram, “but I know I worship a God who is in the business of miracles, who hears us, who is the Ultimate Physician, and that is what we will cling to!!!!”

Prayers For Eva Love Sherbondy To Make A Full Recovery

Through conversations with the doctors, the family has decided to take Eva Love off of the medications keeping her sedated. It means truly placing her recovery into the hands of the Lord.

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And though it’s terrifying to know this could mean losing their daughter, Dugan Sherbondy says on Instagram he has peace about the decision, quoting a verse from Exodus.

"The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." ~ Exodus 14:14

The way Lindsay and Dugan are leaning on God through this whole process is truly inspiring.

The situation is reminiscent of a crucial scene in the movie Breakthrough, which tells the true and miraculous story of how prayer saved 15-year-old John Smith (here’s a link to John Smith’s real news story). Eventually, doctors could do no more for John but God was faithful in restoring him to complete health!

Keep Praying For Eva Love

Join us in praying that sweet Eva Love and her family will experience the same kind of miraculous healing. Not only is the family leaning on everyone’s prayers for strength, but Lindsay says she prays them over her daughter any time she is at a loss for words and feeling scared.

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“We know a God who can do measurably more than we can ask or imagine and together, let's pray boldly and stand firm on that truth.”

1/27/2020 Update On Eva Love Sherbondy

Eva Love’s fight is far from over, but you can find regular updates and photos by Dugan Sherbondy on Instagram. While Eva Love has not yet experienced the swift and immediate healing her family hoped and prayed for, her slow but steady improvements let them know God is listening.

Eva Love is continuing her healing from home, which is both a blessing and a challenge for Lindsay and Dugan Sherbondy. But this faithful couple remains confident God will heal Eva when the time is right.

“God has not let us let go of hope and keeps giving us ‘hope manna’ every single day,” an update reads on the Dugan Sherbondy Instagram account. “On the days we celebrate, the days we cry, and the days we do both, we never stop praying, believing, expecting, and speaking for Eva's full and complete healing.”

Dugan Sherbondy Instagram Update

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Entering the half-year mark since her accident, Eva continues to do well at home. The pattern seems to generally be: 2-3 days of doing great, 2-3 days of more muscle toning, and 2-3 rough days (crying and harder toning). However, regardless of a few rougher days here and there, she continues to sleep well through the night and showing more small signs of healing. She's shown more movement with her head, legs, and fingers and even has nodded her head slightly a few times! God has not let us let go of hope and keeps giving us "hope manna" every single day. On the days we celebrate, the days we cry, and the days we do both, we never stop praying, believing, expecting, and speaking for Eva's full and complete healing. As Eva's army, we are constantly encouraged by your prayers, messages, and gifts. Also, if we can ask specifically, please keep Eva in your prayers during the evening hours, as she tends to seem most upset from about 5pm-12am. Thank you and we love you!

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Sherbondy Family Inspires By Waiting On The Lord

Throughout this difficult time of waiting, Eva’s father, Dugan Sherbondy, has used the experience to help encourage others to fully trust in God’s timing. Even when His timing doesn’t seem to line up with the timing we want.

“I don't know the ending to Eva's story. . . Nor do I know how long we'll have to wait before that ending. So for now, I wait,” he writes on Instagram. “And as much as I hate waiting, I also am starting to think that sometimes, God knows waiting is what's best for me. . . More than that, maybe God needs me to wait because in the waiting, He's preparing me for the exact thing I'm waiting for.”

Every one of the Dugan Sherbondy Instagram updates receive loads of comments from all around the world. Most share how they are inspired by this family’s response to tragedy, as well as prayers for Eva Love’s healing.

In addition to the flood of prayers, strangers from all over are helping to support the Sherbondy family with the mounting medical costs. As of 1/27/2020, the Eva Sherbondy GoFundMe page has raised more than $253,000. That’s 92% toward the goal of $275,000!

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Please be sure to share Eva Love’s story to keep the prayers coming!

h/t & Featured Image: Instagram/Lindsay Letters