Extremely Overweight Dog Rescued From Being Put Down All Because Of One Woman’s Dedication

extremely overweight dog buddy transformation

Buddy, an extremely overweight dog, was rescued from being put down all because of one woman's dedication.

Buddy had a pretty ruff life until he met his forever mom, Jalessa Miller. He was surrendered to the pound by his previous owners. He fell into a deep depression because he didn't understand why he had been abandoned. And he couldn't walk because of an infection in his broken leg.

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Buddy's previous owners brought him for care. But they soon realized they were unequipped to help him. They thought the best possible solution was to put the extremely overweight dog down.

Things weren't looking good for Buddy as potential adoptive families continued to pass him by. It didn't help that all he could do was lay in his cage and wait for someone to love him.

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"Even when he first arrived, he had joy in his eyes, but he couldn't do anything with it," she said.

Woman Is Determined To Save Extremely Overweight Dog

Jalessa, a young veterinarian technician, worked at the clinic where Buddy was left. She saw past his scruffy rolls and saw his soul. She couldn't help but love this larger-than-life 130-pound dog.

With a game plan, a strict diet, and lots of love, Jalessa helped Buddy shed the pounds with a few laughs along the way.

At first, the extremely overweight dog could only walk a couple of steps with the help of Jalessa using a large comforter to hold him. Eventually, as he gained more strength, Buddy begrudgingly went for little walks with looks at his mom, that said, "I don't think I'm fat. I identify as husky." But he took it in stride because he adored the attention from his pawsome mom.

The more weight he lost, the more he gained in life. He gained freedom, love, adventures, and his favorite snack of fresh strawberries.

Eventually, Buddy dropped to 70 pounds and went from an extremely overweight dog to a happy, healthy one. And now he's enjoying life more than ever with his incredible mom, who gave him a second chance at life.

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I think we all see a little of Buddy in ourselves when there's a mountain in our path. We're afraid we can't make it through but that's when God walks beside us and encourages us every step of the way. We lose fear and gain a mountain of faith.

Have faith in me, and you will have life-giving water flowing from deep inside you, just as the Scriptures say," John 7:38.

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