Shy Dog Saved From Euthanasia Just In The Nick Of Time When Special Angel Steps In

dog saved from euthanasia

A shy dog saved from euthanasia just in the nick of time by special angels is now a completely different dog. And this animal rescue story just goes to show the difference love can make!

There is no such thing as fate. There is such a thing as God writing our stories. In the stories of our lives, he directs our steps. He plans for the good and the bad. And he sends people into our lives right when we need them.

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That's what happened to an eight-month-old golden retriever named Darla. How she got to the kill shelter in Texas is anyone's guess. As a puppy, she had yet to be trained or know what love feels like.

Sadly, on a hot July day, she was set to be euthanized because of the overcrowding at the shelter. To make matters worse, she was so frightened. She couldn't walk. Instead, she was placed in a wheelbarrow in order to take Darla to her scheduled euthanasia appointment. This sweet, precious little dog was facing death.

Fortunately for Darla, her roll to death happened to pass by an angel in disguise.

Dog Saved From Euthanasia Just In Time

Clare Callison, the director of national operations for Austin Pets Alive!, was working that day at the shelter for a vaccination clinic.

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She turned from what she was doing, and her eyes locked on Darla.

Clare also knew it was the time of day when animals would be put down to make more room at the shelter. But Clare knew she needed to step in. Clare offered physical affection, and Darla soaked up even though she was scared of everyone and everything.

Clare snapped a photo of Darla and sent out a plea to fellow animal lovers asking for donations to help get Darla fostered while she made arrangements to take her to a no-kill shelter. That's when everything fell into place to give Darla a second chance at life. This sweet dog was saved from euthanasia!

Shy Dog Comes Out Of Her Shell In Foster Home

She was added to a transport flight already scheduled for a Colorado shelter. After she arrived, she was immediately placed with a foster family.

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When she arrived at her foster home, Darla's defenses fell, and gone was the dog, too scared to walk. She wagged her tail and enjoyed all the love and affection her family gave her. Clare added, "The pictures and video we got of her are pretty incredible. We knew Darla would be fine, but it happened within minutes. She never wagged her tail in the shelter, but she was wagging her tail immediately at her foster home.”

This precious pup went from facing death to having a second chance at life. While she's waiting to meet her forever family, she is busy chasing toys. Thank God for the love he shows to all of his creations.

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“An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evil-doers are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10

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