The 12 Best Positive News Stories Of 2020 To Remind Us This Year Wasn’t All Bad

positive news stories of 2020

After a year that may have felt like a daily stream of bad news, it is important for us to recall and appreciate some of the positive news stories of 2020 in order to hopefully give us gratitude for the present and hope for the future. Here are our 12 best positive news stories of 2020 to remind us this year wasn‘t all bad.

These are the positive news stories that were most popular with our readers this year. And after the craziness of 2020, these reminders of goodness and kindness are welcome.

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January | Woman Walking Alone In Bitter Cold Gets Ride And Then Same Stranger Turns Up Later At Her Work

A woman in Missouri was relieved to have been given a ride after being found walking cold and alone down a highway. Later during her shift, the woman was shocked to see that same stranger greeting her at work. Find out what happened next when Brandon McNamee showed up on the scene.

February | Nerve-Wracking Search For Missing 3-Year-Old Girl Ends When K-9 Team Hears 1 Word: ‘Doggy'

After a panicked search for a missing 3-year-old girl, the girl‘s parents and search crew are relieved to hear her call out to the K-9 unit, "doggy." Read more about this terrifying search.

March | Woman Went To Heaven And Came Back After Her Heart Stopped And Now She's Sharing Her Story

Woman describes seeing heaven after her heart stopped for 11 minutes. Miraculously she came back and told the tale. Read Charlotte Holmes' amazing story!

April | AKC Dog Show Judge Goes Viral After Inviting Girl With Autism To ‘Show' Her Stuffed Dog

One of the AKC Dog Show judges made the day of a young girl with autism after being told she could ‘show‘ her stuffed toy doggy. See the adorable video of the AKC Dog Show judge, the young girl, and her pup (with the sweetest ‘awwww!' ending!)

May | Only 1 of 3 Crosses Remained Standing After An Easter Tornado And It Holds A Powerful Message

After an Alabama tornado ripped past a field containing three crosses one Easter morning, a powerful message remains as Christ‘s cross is the one still standing. Read more and see the photos of the aftermath of the tornado that left one cross standing.

June | Stranger Steps in for 7-Year-Old Orphan Weighing Just 8-lbs and Her Love Is Saving Baby Ryan

Stranger steps up to care for a starving orphan after seeing his picture for the first time. You won't want to miss the full story of Priscilla Morse and her baby Ryan.

July | 2 Sacramento Police Officers Find Homeless Family Living Behind Walmart

Sacramento police officers help out a struggling mother after finding her and her children living behind a Walmart. Learn about the blessing Shannon Loveless received when two police officers responded. . .with kindness!

August | Carol Burnett And Husband Step Up To Care For Grandson As Her Daughter Battles Her Demons

Legendary comedian, Carol Burnett and husband step up to care for grandson while her daughter battles her demons. Carol Burnett isn't just supporting her grandchild, she's maintaining hope for her daughter.

September | Police Officer Shares Emotional Testimony After Stranger Covers Her In Prayer At The Gas Station

Police Officer shares emotional testimony after a stranger covers her in prayer at the gas station. During a time when the nation was experiencing racial turmoil, a single act of kindness left Officer Lewis in tears.

October | Man Discovers 85-Year-Old Next Door Neighbor Has Spent A Year Living Without Running Water

Man helps out after discovering 85-year-old next door neighbor has spent a year living without running water. It was important to Harriett Butler to maintain her independence. It was important for her neighbor to make sure she was cared for.

November | Teen Working at Kroger Hears Senior Citizen Told to Put Groceries Back So He Pulls Out His Wallet

Teen Kroger employee pulls out wallet after hearing senior citizen say they had to put groceries back. Teo Jordan didn't make much money himself, but that didn't stop him from stepping up in an incredible act of kindness.

December | The Planets Aligned Perfectly In 2020 To Catch A ‘Christmas Star' For First Time In 800 Years

This December a rare ‘Christmas Star‘ made its appearance in the Heavens. What a wonderful reminder of the hope that we have because of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Read more about the Christmas Star!

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We hope that this look at the positive news from the year will uplift you and provide hope for the upcoming year. Even in the midst of a dark season, God shines His light and provides silver linings.

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