18 Real Inspirational Stories of Faith and Hope Will Encourage You

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Inspirational short stories from Hollywood celebrities like Chris Pratt, Mark Wahlberg, Luke Bryan, and Mr. T reveal faith and hope that are life-changing and encouraging. Where circumstance may have altered their story, God became the main character. These inspiring short stories will remind you of the strength that only faith and hope can provide.

But these stories of overcoming circumstance and becoming a voice in the community aren’t just limited to those with a celebrity platform. The opportunity to allow God to use situations that seemed impossible to overcome is something that we all can share. These amazing stories of faith and hope are meant to be an encouragement that even when it seems the time is the darkest, God can still move mightily if we allow Him.

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We hope you find your spirits lifted as you read through these incredible stories that boast God’s faithfulness!

18. Inspirational Stories of Faith and Hope – Former Hee Haw star Lulu Roman’s Testimony

Hee Haw _ Lulu Roman _ Stories of Faith and Hope _ Godupdates

Credit: Knox Village Soup (left) / The Boot (right)

From the outside, Lulu Roman’s role on the long-running, highly popular TV variety show, Hee Haw, looked like the epitome of success. But hiding behind her success and humor was an extremely painful past as an orphan. Drug addiction, low self-esteem, weight battles — all of the the pain and problems didn’t disappear once Lulu hit it big. But once she truly found Jesus, everything changed. And now the former Hee Haw star Lulu Roman shares her testimony in the hopes of inspiring others!

Lulu’s struggle started the day she was born in a home for unwed mothers. At age four, her grandmother dropped her off at an orphanage, where she was raised. Despite the young age, Lulu remembers the moment in detail.

“You think you don’t have very many memories of a childhood, but I have vivid memories of September 10, 1950. That was the day I was dropped in an orphans’ home.”

To make matters worse, Lulu has a thyroid dysfunction resulting in a lifetime battle with her weight. Food was a comfort, so matters only got worse…

It was Lulu’s ability to make people laugh that caught the attention of country star and Hee Haw host, Buck Owens. He got her an audition and the Dallas girl was soon on her way to Hollywood!

“They put me on a big jet plane, and they flew me to Hollywood, CA. Took me to CBS television studios. The first person I saw was Carol Burnette. I’ll never forget as long as I live. She met us in the hall and said, ‘Shut your mouth, child. You’re fixin’ to be one of us.'”


Hee Haw Lulu Roman _ Stories of Faith and Hope _ Godupdates

Credit: YouTube

By this point in her life, Lulu had discovered drugs. In fact, she was high at the audition. And when the show became a hit, her addiction only worsened. In fact, it lost her her spot the show for a year. During that time she also found out she was pregnant and alone.

“Nope, not married. I left there very bitter, very angry, thinking that if there was a God. He certainly didn’t love me because He dumped me.”

Read on to hear how Lulu hit rock bottom and found a life-raft through faith.

17. Short Stories of Faith and Hope – Mom Realizes Viral Photo Of Boy Standing Alone At Flagpole Is Of Her Son

When a friend urgently texted Florida mom Stacey Philpot about a Facebook post she just had to see, she wasn't sure what to expect. The post showed a teenaged boy standing alone at the flagpole and it seemed as if everyone had something to say about him. And that's when it hit Stacey - she was looking at her son!

As a blogger, Stacey Philpot spends a good amount of time online. So, she decided to take a little break from Facebook. But then a friend sent her an urgent text about a post Stacey "wouldn't want to miss."

The post showed a boy standing alone at the flagpole praying as part of See You At The Pole Day. This yearly event encourages students everywhere to gather at their school's flagpole to pray for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities. Usually the event draws a crowd. But at Minneola High School, only one young man turned up. The brave boy stood all alone, praying by himself.

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A passerby was so touched, they snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook, saying:

"I commend the young man that stood alone at Lake Minneola High School's ‘See You at the Pole Day.' I weld up [sic] with tears, happy tears, proud tears. I honestly didn't know that it was today until after I had left and heard it on the radio.


Please take a moment today to pray for our children, school, teachers, and administrators. Pray for protection over them, guidance, wisdom, and a wonderfully blessed year."

Comments poured in, praising this young man for his courage and his parents for instilling such good values. Even folks who professed no faith commended this boy for standing up for his.

This boy’s testimony for his faith is so inspiring! Continue reading to hear how his one bold moved touched so many lives, especially that of his Momma!

16. Short Inspirational Story of Faith and Hope -The Secret Behind Chip And Joanna's Success Is Their Faith

If you've ever watched Fixer Upper, a super popular home improvement show, you’ll notice that there’s something quite different about the husband and wife duo Chip and Joanna Gaines. Whatever that special something is, it causes 24 millions of viewers to tune in for a dose of it.

Chip, a contractor, and Joanna, a designer, work together to renovate old worn-down homes into something new and beautiful. But it’s not just the work they do that sets them apart… it’s the way they encourage, giggle at each other, and hug their children that make you realize that there’s something very different about this couple. And now we know their secret – the foundation of their love is Jesus Christ.

Chip said, “As for Fixer Upper, we have been surprised at the impact of our faith through the show. We haven’t been overtly evangelical, but the rich feedback we have received on family and love all source from our faith. Jesus said the world would know His disciples by their love for one another, and we’ve glimpsed this in practice and strive for it every day.”

chip and joanna gaines _ billy graham _ _ Stories of Faith and Hope _ Godupdates

Credit: Molly Winn Photography

Chip’s journey with Jesus started in 1975 at a Billy Graham Crusade building when he was just a one-year-old ginger baby. Chip’s mother Gayle rededicated her life to Christ and became serious about her faith.

“Even though my mom had been baptized at the age of 8, she decided to go forward to answer the invitation to believe. My parents made attending church a priority, (which) strengthened their marriage, and they involved themselves in a young couple’s Sunday school class. In the 1990s, my mom worked at Word Publishing, which published books for Billy Graham. She found continued encouragement in his writing,” Chip recalled.

Read more about how faith is making an impact in the lives of Chip and Joanna Gaines!

15. Short Stories of Faith and Hope – Amazing Testimony From Skeptical Scientist Who Died And Went To Heaven

godupdates skeptical scientist visited heaven came back believer fb

Credit: ©Thinkstock/bestdesigns

Dr. Mary Neal knows without a doubt God is real. But before her near-death experience where this skeptical scientist visited Heaven, she had way more doubt than faith. And her testimony is truly incredible!

As a child in the 1950’s, Mary’s parents made certain she went to church. But as she grew up, her claims to Christianity were purely superficial. Then Mary went off to college, where she joined “the religion of the intellect.” She traded spiritual beliefs for truth grounded in scientific facts.

Still, she called herself a Christian. She agreed with the moral guidelines Christianity offered. But Mary lacked a personal relationship with Jesus. She aimed at being a “good person,” but didn’t necessarily acknowledge Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

But all that would soon change. God had a special plan for finding a way into Mary’s heart!

Kayaking Accident Leads To Near-Death Experience

In 1999, Mary took a trip to Chile. But while kayaking, Mary found herself trapped underwater, drowning.

“We were kayaking on a section of river well known for its waterfalls,” the former nominal Christian scientist begins her story. “As I crested the waterfall, I knew that things were not going to go well for me.”

As Mary’s kayak went over the waterfall, it capsized and became pinned beneath eight to ten feet of raging water. The weight of the current pushed Mary into the front of the boat, where she could do nothing to free herself.

During this time, Mary experienced what she describes as a “radical shift in time and dimension.” Despite a lifetime fear of drowning, Mary found herself surprisingly at peace.

“I was being held and comforted and being reassured that everything was fine, regardless of whether I lived or died,” she recalled, also noting that she knew it was Jesus who was comforting her. “I was taken through a life review that was the first of many very profound parts of this experience for me.”

Mary’s story is so emotional and a great inspiration for those who are questioning their beliefs. Follow this link to continue reading about her experience and to listen to her interview about her Heaven experience!

14. Inspiring Stories of Faith and Hope – God Reveals Himself To Drug Dealer In Prison, Then He Becomes Pastor

godupdates drug dealer turned pastor testimony viktor

Credit: ©Thinkstock/3Trinity

Jesus came for the broken and the lost because God loves all of us the same. From the addict, to the thief and to the porn star - we all have a place in God's heart. And it's a truth that saved Viktor, an infamous drug dealer turned pastor.

Viktor fell into the drug dealing business in his twenties. He ran a major drug operation during the 1990s, which smuggled drugs into Central Asia where he lived. The job offered plenty of "easy" money, along with loads of adventure. And best of all, Viktor was good at it.

So good, in fact, Viktor's operation expanded. But it only takes one bust to ruin everything. And that's exactly what happened to Viktor.

In 1996, Viktor's success ended. Authorities caught him with nearly 9 pounds of heroin, which sent him straight to prison. To Viktor, it seemed like the end. But really, God was just getting started!

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Viktor's long sentence behind bars dragged on. His mental state continued to deteriorate until he was suicidal.

"I felt empty inside and did not want to live anymore. I did not know how long I would be in jail," he said.

And that's when God got a hold of him!

Finding Jesus In A Jail Cell

Viktor's cell mate received the New Testament Gospel of John from his mother as a gift. He offered to let Viktor read it, but he refused. But one sleepless night, Viktor decided to give it a try.

At first, it made no sense, so he gave up.

“Words like ‘the Word was first and the Word was God’ made no sense to me. What did it mean? I put it away and stopped reading,” Viktor recalled.

But more sleepless nights followed, so Viktor tried again. This time, as he read about eternal life, he felt God moving.

Victor’s journey to finding salvation is one of the amazing stories of faith and hope. His honest answers to how he was feeling and what really broke the barrier in his life is truly inspiring!

13. Inspiring Short Stories of Faith and Hope – Christian Artist Zach Williams And His Wife Share Testimony Of Finding Jesus

Christian Musician Zach Willliams And Wife Crystal Share Their Testimony

credit: youtube.com

Christian Artist Zach Williams' wife Crystal grew up surrounded by adults who were supposed to protect her hurting her time and time again. Her parents were addicted to meth and when she was just a little girl she was sexually abused by a family member. Crystal looked for ways to numb her pain and by only 10 years old she started smoking pot and drinking.

Crystal left home in her teens and sold drugs to support herself and she finally felt like she had control. Until one night Crystal was headed to a party and she received a sign from God that she needed to get out of that life. That's when Crystal started to pray and got off of the drugs.

Christian Musician Zach Willliams And Wife Crystal Share Their Testimony

credit: youtube.com

After a few bad relationships, she met a singer-songwriter named Zach Williams. Unlike Crystal, Zach had come from a Chrisitan family and though the two weren't quite living right God was working in them. Zach was touring with his rock band overseas when he decided to follow God's calling to quit the band and begin a closer walk with Jesus.

Continue reading to watch the interview with Crystal and Zach. Learn how their faith changed their perspective on life and hope!

12. Motivational Stories of Faith and Hope – New Movie About Beloved TV Host Mister Rogers

godupdates mister rogers movie 2

Credit: Youtube/Saturday Night Live (left) / Fred Rogers Company (right)

Once upon a time, a reporter was assigned the job of writing an article about the TV host of the long-running children's program, Mister Roger's Neighborhood. The reporter was a little skeptical and didn't know quite what to expect. Through his conversations with the beloved star, he thought he'd learn about Fred Rogers. But what actually happened caused the reporter to learn about what was missing in himself, and his relationship with God. And Mister Rogers did all that with a prayer that was just three words long.

Mister Rogers: A Neighbor To All

Fred Rogers was not just a TV show host. He was also an advocate for Public Television and Children's Rights, and he wondered whether the connections we make with others can help create a Heaven on earth–that when we invest in others and care for them, we create the opportunity to basically ‘live' in Heaven (on earth.)

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There are miraculous stories about how God used Mister Rogers. There were stories about how he inspired a boy with autism to open up and eventually start speaking. And how a man found his entire life changed after a brief encounter in an elevator with Mister Rogers. And the story about the connection he made with reporter Tom Junod is no different. It's this story that actor Tom Hanks will be bringing to life on the big screen in the movie, "You Are My Friend."

According to an article the reporter originally published in 1998, Tom had lost something when he was a child that had shaken his faith. And in their very first meeting, Mister Rogers asked him about it. Throughout their time together, he continued to bring up this beloved childhood toy - Old Rabbit - so intimately tied to Tom's prayer life.

Special Friendship Behind Mister Rogers Movie

After their introduction, Tom spent a considerable amount of time with Mister Rogers in order to write his now famous profile piece on the beloved children's TV host. It as more than just an interview - the reporter tagged along day after day.

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Tom thought he'd get to know the man behind the show - that he'd separate Fred Rogers from the Mister Rogers on-camera persona. But he found there was no difference between the two. Mister Rogers was the same person when the cameras were rolling and when they weren't.

Mister Rogers inspired so many to see life in a different way. Click here to continue reading about the effect he had on this reporter and Tom Hanks who is playing him in the upcoming movie.

11. Short Motivational Stories of Faith and Hope – Jordin Sparks Shares Emotional Testimony Of Coming To Christ

Jordin Sparks came to fame after winning the 6th season of American Idol. Her incredible voice blew the entire country away. Since then, she has been very successful with her music career. But, things started to fall apart. In this emotional video, Jordin shares how she lost sight of Jesus in all the fame and fortune her new music career was providing her.

Jordin has always been very vocal about her faith in Jesus Christ. She never stopped encouraging people to follow Christ, yet behind the scenes, she was struggling to do that herself. During this video testimony, Jordin shares how she realized over the past year that she was putting her identity in all the wrong things. Her worth was in her vocal talent, success, and her fans opinions.

She defined herself by how much she was working and how many people bought her albums. Quickly, Jordin realized that something had to change. She couldn’t help but feel incredibly empty inside. That’s when God got a hold of her heart. That moment changed everything for Jordin. From then on, she made her relationship with the Lord her #1 priority. Cultivating a relationship with Jesus became her daily focus.

Her faith priorities continue to be a message of Hope for those who love her music but may be struggling with their faith. Click here to watch Jordin speak about how her faith is impacting her life.

10. Motivational Short Stories of Faith and Hope – Man's Question Of Friend's Salvation Is Answered Through Divine Intervention

radio confirms friend in heaven _ stories of faith and hope _ GodUpdates

Credit: ©Thinkstock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

God’s Word often tells us to be still. And yet, in this busy world of ours, it’s hard to find time to just stop and reflect. For Brent Hairr, his moment of stillness came as he waited for a train to pass by at the railroad tracks. But in that time, God used a divinely timed song on the radio to send Brent a powerful message!

Brent was headed to a meeting for work when flashing red lights at the railroad tracks stopped him. He had plenty of time to get to the nearby appointment, so the delay didn’t bother him. But as he waited for the train to pass with the radio silent, he found his thoughts drifting.

The railroad tracks brought back the memory of a co-worker who’d been killed by a train. Brent was surprised to realize how many years had passed since the tragic accident.

“We actually worked on opposite shifts so I didn't get to know him well enough to know if he had ever accepted the free salvation and grace offered by Jesus,” Brent recalled.

Brent continued to wonder about his friend. Was he a believer? Had he accepted Christ as his personal savior?

God Sends Message Through Song On The Radio

Not knowing the answer to these questions started to nag at Brent. His heart ached and his mood took a nosedive.

Considering he was about to head into a meeting for work, he flipped on the radio to try and improve his mood. And his spirits soared when he realized the song on the radio was a clear case of divine intervention!

Through stories of faith and hope, like Brent’s, we can find encouragement that God can speak to us even in the every day. Keep reading more about Brent’s story here!

9. Motivational Short Story of Faith and Hope – Agnostic Man Survives Las Vegas Mass Shooting & Becomes Firm Believer In God

las vegas shooting _ stories of faith and hope _ GodUpdates

Credit:ABC News

A country music festival in Las Vegas quickly turned tragic when a gunman opened fire on the crowd, killing more than 50 people and injuring hundreds more. When faced with such senseless violence, it’s tough to find the good. But Las Vegas shooting survivor Taylor Benge, who went into the concert agnostic, managed to see not just the good, but the divine. And he came out completely changed.

Sometimes the things that test our faith, can also help grow it. When Las Vegas shooting survivor Taylor Benge went into the concert on Sunday, October 1, 2017, he didn’t really have any faith to speak of. He was pretty much indifferent towards the existence of God.

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But as the horrific attack unfolded, something inside Taylor changed.

Light In The Darkness

The gunman’s shooting spree — the worst in modern US History — has been labeled by the President an “act of pure evil.” And yet, the horror was met with acts of heroism and humanity as the attack unfolded.

"I saw a bunch of people trying to help," Las Vegas shooting survivor Taylor Benge said. "Unfortunately, I also saw a lot of loved ones with their significant others holding them as they passed."

It’s hard to focus on hope when tragedies like the Las Vegas shooting occur. Hearing stories of faith like Taylor’s that come out of these situations help us to remember that even in these horrible situations, God has not abandoned us.

8. Stories of Faith and Hope – TV Star Maria Menounos Calls Brain Tumor Battle A ‘Blessing’

godupdates maria menounos calls brain tumor a blessing fb

Credit: Brandon Hickman/E! Entertainment

E! News co-anchor Maria Menounos has been by her mother’s side as she battles stage 4 brain cancer. Then she got some unbelievable news. Doctors discovered Maria had a brain tumor, too. But the TV star knows bad news doesn’t mean God isn’t at work. And she’s calling the whole situation a blessing!

Maria Menounos has watched her mom bravely fight stage four brain cancer. And when the TV star started experiencing dizziness, headaches and slurred speech, she just knew she was facing something similar.

"I said, ‘I know you're going to think I’m crazy but I feel like I have a brain tumor like my mom,'" she recalled telling the doctor.


Brain Tumor Confirmed

Tests confirmed Maria was not crazy. Doctors found a golf ball-sized tumor in her brain.

“I didn’t cry. I actually laughed,” she says of her reaction to the news. “It’s so surreal and crazy and unbelievable that my mom has a brain tumor - and now I have one too?”

Maria turned to the same doctor treating her mom for help, a renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Keith L. Black. Dr. Black performed a 7-hour surgery on Maria’s 39th birthday, removing 99.9 percent of the tumor, which was benign.

“He said there's a six to seven percent chance that we'll see it come back," Maria Menounos says. "But I'll take those odds any day."

Read more to hear about Maria’s journey and how hers is a story of hope!

7. Stories of Faith and Hope – Tragedies That Strengthened The Faith Of Country Singer Luke Bryan

Country singer Luke Bryan’s easygoing smile and laid-back personality makes it seem as though his life has been nothing but smooth sailing. Don’t be fooled. That’s just the view from the outside. The star has weathered his share of heartache. But through it all, Luke Bryan’s faith is what keeps him smiling!

Luke Bryan grew up as the youngest of three children in a blue collar family in Georgia. His mom worked in public utilities while his dad sold fertilizer. The country boy and his siblings grew up in the church, learning to love Jesus at an early age.

By 14, Luke was playing the guitar and acting as the youth group leader for his church. And that foundation of Luke Bryan’s faith helped prepare for the days of heartache still to come.

Luke knew God had given him a special talent for music. But just as he was preparing to move to Nashville to pursue a career in country music, tragedy put his plans on hold when his brother passed away.

"When Chris passed away I was 19 years old, fixin' to chase my dream," Luke recalled. "It just totally rocked our family's world, rocked my world."

Chris was only 26 years old when he died in a car accident. Family means everything to Luke, so he didn’t hesitate in postponing his move to Nashville in order to stay and grieve with his folks

"I was never convinced I'd get back to Nashville, but I didn't spend time on ‘Should I go or should I not?" he said. "It was just ‘Not going.' Your mother had just lost a child. At that point, her youngest son was not going to leave the house. Chris' dying got me a little more mature."

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Instead of chasing his music career, Luke went to college and worked for his dad. During his studies at Georgia Southern University, he met and fell in love with Caroline Boyer. The two married later in 2006.

Click here to read how Luke’s faith through this tragedy helped form the path that lead to his successful music career!

6. Stories of Faith and Hope – Actor Chris Pratt On Finding God Through Stranger At The Grocery

godupdates actor Chris Pratt shared his testimony finding god at grocery fb

Credit: Today Show

Well-known actor Chris Pratt shared his testimony of how he came to faith and how he landed his acting career. He believes these two things are entirely linked. We’ve always loved the fact that Chris is never shy about sharing his faith. But hearing him open up about how God’s been at work in his life all along just makes us love him even more!

Humble Beginnings

Chris’ father was a miner in Minnesota, and the family moved around often because of it. They finally settled in the small town of Lake Stevens, Washington. The family struggled financially, and his father was diagnosed with M.S. during Chris’ senior year of high school. While Chris was the hometown hero during high school, involved in wrestling, football and theater. But after that, it took him some trial and error to find what he was really meant to do in life.

Part of that trial and error involved drugs and alcohol. A real turning point for him, however, came when he was getting ready to go to a party while living in Hawaii and working as a waiter at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant.

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Chris was hoping to find fun at the party through alcohol, drugs, and girls, but he was in for a surprise. A man approached him outside a grocery store and told him

"Jesus told me to talk to you..."

For some reason he can't quite explain, Chris "was charmed" by this man and listened to him.

"At that moment I was like, I think I have to go with this guy. He took me to church. Over the next few days I surprised my friends by declaring that I was going to change my life," Pratt recalls.

Read here to see how Chris’ life is another amazing one of our stories of faith and hope. His encounter with this stranger lead to a life rooted in faith and an unexpected career.

5. Stories of Faith and Hope – Actor Mark Wahlberg On How Faith Turned His Troubled Life Around

godupdates mark wahlberg asked god to forgive him for movie role fb

Credit: Facebook/Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has enjoyed success as a singer, actor and producer. But long before he made it big in Hollywood, he was headed down a dangerous path. Recently, Mark shared how his faith helped him turn his life around after his troubled youth.

A Project Close To Home

Mark grew up in Boston. And he’s now helping produce and starring in the new film Patriot's Day about the Boston marathon bombing. The movie, which releases nationally January 13, is a project close to his heart, because of the way his hometown came together after the attack.

“It filled me with such pride to call myself a Bostonian. I kind of beat my chest for reasons other than what Larry Bird did, or the Patriots do. This love and strength is so powerful, and knowing that we can still come out after a horrible event and radiate this love is special for me,” he told PEOPLE in a recent interview.

While growing up in Boston, Mark got into quite a bit of trouble in his youth. Mark recalled the racial tensions in the 70's and 80's when mandated desegregation was happening in Boston's public school system. The actor also recalled his own problems from these years. As a troubled youth, Mark often skipped school and had run-ins with police. At the age of 16, he even robbed a convenience store, resulting in a conviction of assault and theft.

But it was that time in jail that prompted Mark Wahlberg to make a change by turning his attention to his faith.

“I had to make the choice personally, and then I had to focus on my faith.” he explained. “And my faith has really allowed me to overcome a lot of things. And hard work. You know, nothing comes easy especially when you’ve got your back against the wall and you’ve got a lot going against you. But I wanted to prove to people through my actions, and not my words, that I was going to change.”

Continue reading to hear Mark Wahlberg’s interview on his life changing experience in jail. When he allowed God to take over and focused on his faith, Mark found a new start.

4. Stories of Faith and Hope – God Gave This Man A Snowplow And A Purpose

stories of faith and hope _ godupdates

credit:WTVR News

Looking at this picture, you might just see a man with a snowplow. But Adam Westbury is far more than that. He is a man who’s been restored by God and given a purpose. And that snowplow is all a part of it!

It wasn’t always like this. There were many years where Adam’s life seemed void of God and purpose. In fact, he says,

“I'm not sure a lot of people would look at a life like mine and come up with the word blessed, but if you could see the whole picture in its totality you might understand."

At 18, Adam was put into a drug treatment program. By 28, he was in prison, serving a 10 year sentence for robbing a bank. But now, at 39, he is serving God!

With his checkered background, Adam had no choice but to rely on God to pave the way for his future. But God’s grace had washed him clean. And that kind of change doesn’t go unnoticed. It certainly was a change that one of Adam’s old friends couldn’t help but notice.

“He saw beyond my past and recognized a true potential that only faith can serve. He took a chance on me and hired me on as a helper with his landscape company. It was the chance I needed to begin the work that I always felt I was called to do, help people."

It was only a few weeks later that a major winter storm hit the area. And that’s when Adam’s life truly started taking shape. Read more about Adam and how a snowstorm gave him a mission of faith and hope!

3. Stories of Faith and Hope – ‘I Love Lucy’ Star Was In A Downward Spiral Until He Let Jesus In

stories of faith and hope _ little ricky _ godupdates

credit: Getty Images (via Daily News)

Everyone loved him as Little Ricky on ‘I Love Lucy’. But at home, things weren’t so great for actor Keith Thibodeaux.

Adultery, drugs, demons, and suicide pulled him further and further from Christ. Until one day this Hollywood golden child let Jesus turn it all around. Wow what an amazing testimony!

Choosing ‘I Love Lucy’

In 1956, Keith auditioned for Lucille Ball and the crew at the “I Love Lucy” show. At the time, Keith was just a small 4-year-old boy, but he went in and did what he loved – played the drums. Such a small boy with a huge musical talent, quickly caught the eye of musician and actor, Desi Arnaz. After an impromptu jam session, Desi said “I think we’ve found Little Ricky!”

Keith’s life changed forever. For four years, he played “Little Ricky” and then went on to the Andy Griffith Show where he played Opie’s friend, Johnny.

Questioning “Why”

After the family moved to Hollywood to follow Keith’s television career, he began to ask his father “Why did God pick me?”. He wondered the purpose of his acting career might be. But he dad offered important advice that stuck with him “God’s got a purpose for you”.

Sadly, Keith’s Dad’s infidelity came to light and Keith’s world began to crash around him. He didn’t understand how the father he thought he had, who had been so full of meaningful advice could let him down. He turned his anger to God.

That’s when Keith began attending parties with drugs and alcohol. His spiral downward led him into a study of the occult. He knew there was a supernatural world, and determined not to let God play a part, he began to follow spiritual paths that did not include God. His interaction with demonic forces began to convince him that his life had no value.

While he considered suicide numerous times, Keith couldn’t shake the words his father had spoken to him so many years before. That’s when Keith talked to God. He agreed that if God could pull him out of the mess he was in that he would serve Him. He went to church with his mother and found a new path for his life.

Keith’s life is truly a remarkable example of our stories of faith and hope! Click here to read about what the actor/musician is up to now!

2. Stories of Faith and Hope – Police Officer’s Selfless Act For Homeless Woman’s Heroin-Addicted Baby

godupdates police officer adopted pregnant heroin addict's baby 2

Credit: CNN

Ryan Holets saved a life but also changed his own in a profound way, when the Albuquerque police officer adopted a homeless woman’s heroin-addicted baby.

Officer Ryan Holets was on patrol when a call through about a possible convenience store robbery. But as it turns out, God didn’t call him there about a theft. He brought Ryan to save a baby girl who hadn’t even been born yet!

Routine Call Turns Into A God Moment

As Ryan was leaving the convenience store, he spotted a couple out of the corner of his eye. They were sitting on the ground with their backs against the store’s cement wall. But Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what they were doing. Right there, in broad daylight, the pair was shooting up heroin!

Ryan turned on his body camera and confronted the couple. But he was in for another shock — the woman was pregnant!

“It’s not every day I see a sight like that and it just made me really sad,” he said.

The mom-to-be was 35-year-old Crystal Champ. She’s been battling a heroin and crystal meth addiction since her teenage years, but can’t seem to break free.

“It just keeps coming back and ruining my life,” she says.

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Crystal tearfully told Ryan how she desperately wanted someone to adopt her baby. And that’s when God revealed His true reason for bringing Ryan to that convenience store!

Following God’s Call

Crystal’s heartfelt desire to find a good home for her unborn child hit Ryan hard.

“I just felt God telling me, ‘Tell her that you will do it because you can,'" he recalls.

In that moment, something inside Ryan changed. In fact, even Crystal picked up that something was different.

“He became a human being instead of a police officer,” she said.

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Instead of busting the couple, Ryan showed them pictures of his wife and four children, which included a 10-month old baby. Next, he offered to take Crystal’s baby girl once she was born.

Crystal couldn’t believe it. She desperately searched Ryan’s eyes to see if he was serious. He was. Continue reading to learn how this is one of the stories of faith and hope that has changed not just the little baby’s life but Ryan and Crystal’s as well.

1. Stories of Faith and Hope – This Star Was Blessed By God When He Stood Up For What Was Right

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Mr. T is most certainly not known for being shy. And he's definitely not shy about being a Christian. But he does more than just talk about his faith – he lives it!

Mr. T attributes his strong faith to the firm foundation he received in his upbringing. His Mother was a devout Christian and his father was a minister. They raised him to love the Lord and to respect people. He remembers the wonderful example they set and can fondly recall coming home from school to find them praying in the kitchen.

It was this foundation that helped shape him into the man of God that he is today. And Mr. T truly believes that it's his relationship with God that has led to his success.

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But Mr. T doesn’t take his blessings lightly. He has tried to use his fame to become a positive role model to the younger generation – a goal that has also required great sacrifice. Click here to read more about how his faith choices have changed his life and career paths and given him a platform to encourage others!

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